Saturday, June 15, 2013

Teaser of Terror #1

Hi readers,

Well, it has been a struggle to work on the blog lately but when I picked up Temple of Terror and glimpsed that SERPENT GUARD, I was reinvigorated. He is a beautiful, bright-eyed bubble of enthusiasm and I simply adore him.

Something about the irrepressible spirit shining from his mirthful, ophidian gaze made me imagine him photo-bombing the covers of other books, blowing up the spot of the other, more serious FF poster boys and being furiously chased off set a few seconds later.

After I had stopped congratulating myself over this amazing idea I decided to create a series of these alternate covers to release as little nuggets of content to string you all along while I avoid doing any hard work on the next post.

Here is the first one:

"Any room for one mooooooore?"