Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Interim SKELETON Report


Have finished "Forest of Doom" after two sittings (you won't believe the HILARIOUS ending! Let's just say that SHAPE-CHANGER on the cover knows "a thing or two" about "furniture"!) but I won't have an opportunity to write it up for a week or so... thus to keep things breathing, here's an extra special SKELETON REPORT.

Or perhaps I should say, "eXXXtra speXXXial"?

 No, that would be unseemly.

YouXXXrs faiXXXfully,



  1. Damn! Check out that cocyxx

  2. Hey Murray, this might be a huge cocksucker move, but can I please get an email address? I can't find any real contact info, and I want to say something but if I say it in a comments section then, I promise, it would be an even bigger cocksucker move than asking for an email address in a comments section. As for mine, it's primeentertainer at gmail dot com.

    As for your blog, Jesus Christ man, this is some of the funniest shit I've ever found online. I was already sold when you ranted about that motherfucker who left his keys on the oven in House of Hell, but then I totally got bent over during your detailed analysis of the friendship between Mungo and the protagonist of Lizard King.