Friday, April 20, 2012


Hello friends,

I probably would've wrapped up Talisman of Death by now already because, spoiler alert: I rolled SKILL 7 and got my arse killed by a TREE (!) so I have piss all to write about.

However about three weeks ago I started work on a story and I'm not really allowing myself to write anything else until I complete it. I won't call it a hiatus since, well, there's more or less always a hiatus after every post. So actually this is just normal. I shouldn't comment on it - I'm going to come back and delete this later.

Anyway, the man Stuart Lloyd over at Lloyd of Gamebooks is doing a month of interviews that encompasses almost everybody who's ever poked three fingers into a copy of Warlock and metaphorically got one stuck - which includes Yours Truly. I have done my best to answer his questions with an honest heart. 

Thank you, as ever, for your attention and your patience.