Friday, April 20, 2012


Hello friends,

I probably would've wrapped up Talisman of Death by now already because, spoiler alert: I rolled SKILL 7 and got my arse killed by a TREE (!) so I have piss all to write about.

However about three weeks ago I started work on a story and I'm not really allowing myself to write anything else until I complete it. I won't call it a hiatus since, well, there's more or less always a hiatus after every post. So actually this is just normal. I shouldn't comment on it - I'm going to come back and delete this later.

Anyway, the man Stuart Lloyd over at Lloyd of Gamebooks is doing a month of interviews that encompasses almost everybody who's ever poked three fingers into a copy of Warlock and metaphorically got one stuck - which includes Yours Truly. I have done my best to answer his questions with an honest heart. 

Thank you, as ever, for your attention and your patience.


  1. Take the time! I am stuck on my Confrontation review and refreshing your page is keeping me sane.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Murray! I look forward to your Talisman of Death piece. I remember the first time I played it as my first gamebook - I made all the wrong decisions and promptly got shoved back into the chasm by an orc. So you can be comfortable in the fact that you got further than I did.

  3. I hope I get to read the story. I'm betting it will be worth any hiatus.

  4. Man, your site is just the best. Very funny (but insightful!) reviews of the FF books. Can't wait to read more - seriously, keep 'em coming.


  5. All I remember about Talisman of Death is that it had the BEST cover picture! With the title and font it was like some awesome metal album.

    Love the blog. Commiserations on the tree.

  6. thanks visitors! you have kind hearts

    this other dumb story i'm making myself finish keeps getting longer! i suppose that's what happens when you continue to add words

    i look forward to knocking the bastard off so i can finish up my "Talisman" post...

  7. Hi Murray, I think your blog is hilarious!

    Really looking forward to the ToD review. Don't remember much about it, apart from the the hooded SKELETON on the cover...

  8. Hiya! Long-time reader, not commented before I've just made up my own Fighting Fantasy blog, where I try to hunt down and do play-throughs of all the FF books I can find, I'm wondering if you might be able to give me a shout-out in your blog? That'd be awesome if you could. Anyway, thanks a lot and keep up the great blogging :)

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