Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thanks, "Blogger", for your dodgy design decisions

Apologies to anyone who just had a half-written version of my experiences with "City of Thieves" crop up in their RSS feed - turns out someone decided it would be a good idea to make Ctrl-P a hotkey for "immediately post this blog without confirmation". That's a mite too close to Ctrl-I for italics for my thick-ended, sleepy fingers, with predictable results.

I have deleted the post and will finish writing it and then post it again. You can take this as a sign that the next full post is not far off, for now I shall whet your appetite with this drawing of an Egyptian sarcophagus which ludicrously turns up out of the blue in the Fighting Fantasy universe:

Just one of the many corny props at Zanbar Bone's house.
(He also has an ornamental suit of armour that comes alive and attacks intruders - dude's steeze is all Scoobie Doo and shit)