Monday, August 27, 2012

Oh shit!

Ian Livingstone just hit me and his other 6,008 followers up on Twitter to mention that it is the exact 30th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy 4 minutes ago.

Well it is just about the 30th anniversary of the most recent post on this blogg too and I suppose I ought to have got it together to do my next post for the anniversary but I am like a thoughtless husband to Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson (UK) and I forgot all about it, I'm basically pulling a cuppla daisies out the lawn and pretending its a bouquet (i.e. in the metaphor this refers to the current stream-of-consciousness post whereas a completed write-up of Space Assassin would be a fine bouquet full of roses and avoiding lilies and other plants that speak ill in the "language of flowers")

Chunks of prose are scattered about on Google's servers somewhere waiting for me stick 'em together - suppose I better put some time into that then! To tide over the most avid among you here's a scan of a bookmark that fell out of a well-thumbed copy of Star Strider, I think it's Zanbar Bone fan fiction.


  1. Oops - never mind, Daisies will have to do!

    Got your hands on a copy of Blood of the Zombies yet? I'm sure there's plenty for you to get your teeth into, although sadly no skeletons...

    Happy Zagor Day, buddy :)

  3. This has not actually tided me over for two months but thanks for trying

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