Monday, July 8, 2013

Teaser of Terror #4

We in the V.I.P. but we don't got a pass


  1. Another laugh out loud moment - not sure the wife understood the joke though!

    Just discovered your little tags that appear when you put the cursor over the pic - I reckon this one is visually and conceptually brilliant!

    1. yes almost every image on the blog has a tag like that
      except a handful where i forgot

  2. If you are taking requests I'd be pretty keen on seeing Siege of Sardath as the next photo on SERPENT GUARD's timeline, particularly as the cover of that book pretty much an atmospheric landscape shot being photobombed by a dude who doesn't apparently appear in the book itself.

    Loving the blog, keep up the good work. Bringing back many happy memories and indeed prompted a few second hand purchases of FF books as I sold my (almost complete) collection at a car boot sale in 1995 for about 10 quid on the basis that I'd grown out of them. Funny how things turn out eh?

    I noted you were disappointed to find no skeletons in Forest of Doom btw - on the recent iphone app(and from memory the book itself), the skeleton of one of the goblins is in the tomb where you find the second half of the hammer towards the end, thought you might like to know.



    1. yeah that skeleton doesn't come to life or anything though does it?
      a skeleton gotta come to life to be a SKELETON, nahmean

    2. ah, I see - I thought you'd counted various inanimate bones as SKELETONS in Caverns but a quick re-check of the blog shows me that you explored Ian's desire for bones (so to speak) manifesting itself in the artwork there as well. Good call, all above board.

      I reckon that freaky goblin skull combined with the face on the tomb must have cost me about 1 LUCK and 2 STAMINA points in real life when I first saw it though so it's not as if its totally harmless

  3. "Uh, yeah, I'm here from 'Which Arena of Bloody Death?' magazine? My people called ahead? Rhaarghnukk here is my plus one?"
    "Sorry, pal, can't see it on the list. Which magazine did you say again?"
    "'Which Arena of Bloody Death?', it might be under WAoBD. Let me have a look at that list."
    "Look, FRIEND, your name's not down, you're not coming in."
    "Wow! What's that over your shoulder? The Ice Queen's not wearing any fur panties... Quick Rhaarghnukk! We're in!"